Bridge Mode On Verizon Internet Gateway

I recently upgraded from my little ol’ CenturyLink 40/5 connection to Verizon’s 5G Home Internet which came with their Internet Gateway (the big white cube). With CenturyLink, I had the modem set up in Bridge mode, piping my connection directly to a NUC running Sophos XG. I wanted to maintain my single-NAT set up if at all possible, and still maintain some of my public facing services (like Home Assistant).

3 min read

Connecting Postfix To Microsoft 365

If you’re a larger organization running Microsoft 365 with Exchange Online, you probably have a need for applications, multifunction devices like printers or other devices that need to connect to an SMTP server to send email to your organization or others outside your organization. Using an SMTP relay, Microsoft 365 can relay emails on your behalf by using a connector that’s configured with your public IP address or a TLS certificate.

14 min read

Installing Solar Through Tesla

We’ve wanted solar for at least the past 5 years. We even went so far as to get quotes 5 years ago and then decided against it when we didn’t feel we were going to be able to secure as good a deal as we were hoping we could get. We weighed options of financing and leasing and nothing seemed right for the long term. We’re refinancing our house, and decided to use some of our equity in the house to pay for solar since the prices are looking good right now.

16 min read

Windows Server 2008 RC2 DHCP Server Option 119

If you’ve scoured through Windows Server configurations for the DHCP server looking to set the Search Domains and have come up empty, there’s good reason: Most, if not all, versions of Windows do not support setting Search Domains via DHCP (option 119), thus Microsoft does not include a visible option to set this on their DHCP servers.

2 min read